Looking To Switch IT Companies In Denver? (Tips & Insights)

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve been rethinking your relationship with your current IT Company. This article talks about all you need to know before making the switch.

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Switch Denver IT Companies With Peace Of Mind

In our digital age, where businesses rely heavily on their IT environments, IT plays a central role in every aspect of your daily activities. It doesn’t matter how large or small your organization is. That’s because your IT demands are bound to rise as your operation grows. It’s, therefore, crucial to ensure that your Managed IT Services Provider (MSP) is the right fit for your organization.

As the most trusted IT support provider working with businesses all over Denver, we’ve seen many companies struggle with switching MSPs. Over the years we’ve been in operation, we’ve concluded that the biggest obstacle is usually a lack of access to helpful information.

At Initial.IT, we know from working closely with businesses in your situation, that switching IT service providers can seem like a demanding task. But what we believe is even more daunting is relying on an incompetent IT Company. Whether you are paying expensive fees only to receive poor services or simply not enjoying the standard of IT support your business deserves, you need to switch to a dependable IT Company.

As with any other business decision, you need to be well-informed before settling on an option. Initial.IT strives to educate business owners and IT decision-makers, so they can choose an IT partner that satisfies their specific needs.

It is with this goal in mind that our team came up with this blog article.

Switch Denver IT Companies With Peace Of Mind

How Do You Know It’s Time To Switch IT Companies?

You’ve likely noticed some of the red flags if you’re thinking about leaving your current IT support provider. In case you missed some of them, we came up with a list.

Here are some of the major signs that it’s time to switch MSPs:

You Always Have IT Issues

Are you experiencing unacceptably long downtimes? Does malware constantly cripple your office computers? Whatever it is, this is a difficult one to miss.

It’s your IT Company’s job to offer your business proactive IT solutions. They are supposed to foresee possible issues and prevent them entirely. However, in the few cases where an unexpected IT issue has come up, a reliable IT Company will be in a position to offer a long-term solution the first time around.

You’re Always Paying Extra Charges

Your IT service provider should clearly state how much they charge for their services. They need to be open about their monthly fee and actually stick to it. Furthermore, before taking on an IT project, a dependable IT Company should be able to predict any additional costs that could crop up.

It’s also possible your current MSP could be buying and integrating new technologies without your approval. Whatever the case, you can’t afford to work with a dishonest IT Company.

High Turnover Rate

A competent IT Company will allocate your business to a team of IT experts with vast experience in your industry. Maintaining a team that is familiar with your organization’s unique IT demands will make it possible for them to satisfy your IT needs fully.

A rapid turnover rate might also be an indicator of chaos within your MSP. In such a case, the effects of such a conflict would inevitably compromise the quality of their service delivery.

Cybersecurity Never Comes Up

Data security is a key concern for businesses across industries, particularly if your industry is highly regulated. Consequently, the risks associated with poor network security could bring your organization to its knees.

What’s more concerning, cybercriminals are continually developing more sophisticated techniques for carrying out cyberattacks. Therefore, you need to immediately terminate any relationship with an IT Company that does not regularly update your network security.

Routine Issues Take Too Long to Resolve

Routine tasks like the recovery of passwords could be taking as long as two entire days! If you have to chase down your IT support provider whenever an issue emerges, it’s probably time to switch MSPs.

They Don’t Offer Additional Services

Beyond regular IT support, your MSP should offer extra services such as:

  • Vendor Management
  • Line of Business Support
  • Cybersecurity Training/Compliance/Penetration Testing

As your organization grows, your IT support provider going forward should offer valuable additional services that are in line with your current and future needs.

What Steps Should You Take Before Switching IT Service Providers?

To minimize disruptions during your transition, you need to follow these steps:

Make Sure You Can Access Your Network

There’s always a chance your current IT Company could attempt to take control of your network once they find out you’re planning to switch MSPs. They might change passwords to stop you from logging in to your network. To avoid being held at ransom, you must maintain complete control over your system.

Document Your Network

You wouldn’t travel to a new place without a map, would you? A network map will enable your new IT team to find its way around your IT environment. You need to come up with comprehensive records of your network, including:

  • Login Accounts
  • Usernames
  • Passwords

Work Out A Transition Phase

Chances are, your current MSP won’t be excited about your decision to move on and might become uncooperative. For that reason, your new MSP needs to be willing to allow a transition period.

Backup Your Data

To avoid losing files or being held at ransom by your current IT Company, ensure you have several data backups before the switch.

Communicate With Your Staff

Inform all your employees of the transition so that everyone is on the same page.

Review Your Network Security

Your new IT team needs to conduct an extensive security review immediately after the switch to ensure there are no back doors.

Ready To Switch To A Reliable MSP?

You can’t afford to rely on an IT team that is incapable of offering you the standard of service your organization deserves. To get the maximum value from your IT investment, you need to switch to an MSP that matches your ambition.

Our team at Initial.IT is eager to help you ease through the transition process. As a leading IT support provider, we are enthusiastic about guiding your Denver business through this challenging process.

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