Services You Should Expect From Outsourced IT

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What Services Should You Expect From Your Outsourced IT Company In Denver?

Technology advances at an alarming rate every day. You wake up, and there’s a better version of the software applications you have installed, and your systems are suddenly out-of-date. Who hasn’t upgraded their systems only to see a commercial of a way better system two days later? Companies are struggling to keep up with these everyday technological changes.

It’s one thing to personally fall short when your company fails to keep up with these changes, but it’s disappointing if your IT support service provider fails to keep you up to date. The question is: Is your IT company offering you the right services?

Services You Should Expect From Your Outsourced IT Company In Denver

Services That Should Be Provided by Your IT Support Company

Your IT Support Company Should Deliver Proactive Network Monitoring & Infrastructure Management

The modern business network encapsulates a multitude of different types of technologies that make your business operate efficiently and productively. It integrates everything from sales to communication, and if it malfunctions, it will have devastating effects on your business and your clients. Your IT support company should be able to support it proficiently.

Your IT support provider should staff a team of experts in network monitoring to ensure that your operations are running smoothly and to minimize disruptions.

Your IT support provider should offer you 24/7 remote network monitoring services to ensure you have the information you require when you need it. This remote network monitoring permits them to control end-user data access by limiting the people who have access to your data and what information they can access.

Your IT Support Should Deliver a Highly Responsive Helpline Desk Support Services

Having a highly responsive helpline desk service is vital for any business. Your IT infrastructure will not always function the way you want, computers are bound to crash, and it is only a matter of time before you experience some form of a data breach. Because of these uncertainties, your IT company should provide you with a responsive helpdesk service that provides a fast way of resolving technical glitches in your systems.

The IT support company you consult should provide a proactive approach that will minimize the number of technical malfunctions your company experiences. Your IT company should be familiar with the technical glitches you might experience and offer permanent solutions that will help your company to increase productivity and eliminate downtime. They should continually monitor your systems and design a helpline desk service plan that will help your company meet its goals.

Your IT Support Provider Should Provide Cloud-Based Computing Services:

Moving to the cloud is one of the most crucial aspects of modern technology. With many companies embracing business mobility, your IT company needs to provide you with cloud-based computing services. Storing data in physical file cabinets has become a thing of the past.

Not only is it an inefficient way of storing data but also a significant security risk.

Cloud-based computing offers the following benefits to your company:

  • You can remotely access your data anytime, anywhere and using any device, therefore, improving productivity
  • Your IT costs are reduced as you eliminate the need for physical data storage equipment
  • You get access to data backup and recovery solutions
  • Your data security is improved

Your IT support provider company should be able to manage and update your data on the cloud platform. They should also guarantee security by regulating interactions between cloud environments.

Your IT Support Provider Should Deliver Proactive 24/7 Remote IT Support

Regardless of the geographical location of your IT support company, your company should expect 24/7 tech support throughout the year. This 24/7 remote support is vital since your IT infrastructure doesn’t necessarily break down during business hours. This support will also help technical glitches to be resolved faster and to get things up and running.

Your IT Support Provider Should Deliver Vendor Management

Whatever your company’s unique technology needs are, your IT support firm should be able to match those needs with the right vendor.

Whether it’s a cloud-based service, VoIP, PBX, or a Line of Business applications, your IT company should be knowledgeable enough to recommend the right solution, and facilitate your company’s partnership with that vendor to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Your IT Support Provider Should Provide You Cyber-Security And Services

Just as your networks, security requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. With the increasing cases of cyber-attacks, security as a service is no longer optional.

Your IT company should provide you with a range of cybersecurity services and solutions. They should integrate and implement layered security measures such as antispam and next-generation antivirus software, firewalls, intruder detection software that will secure your IT infrastructure inside and out. They should also assess, audit, and upgrade your security systems frequently.

Your IT Support Provider Should Provide You Cyber-Security Education

Since your employees are most vulnerable to cyber-attacks, your IT company should organize cyber-security education training for them. This awareness will help complement the security measures you’ve already put in place.

Your IT Company Should Deliver Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

With your data already in the cloud, your support provider should ensure that it is adequately backed-up. With a backup system, you can quickly recover your data in the case of an accident or a natural disaster. They should regularly update and test the integrity of this backed-up data. This sort of preparedness will also help reduce business disruption time.

It’s critical to ensure your IT company can provide you with services that are relevant to your company and that you understand what’s being offered before signing up with them.

Your IT Company Should Offer You Virtual Chief Information Officer (VCIO) Services

Your IT company should offer you someone who will provide you with strategic technology consulting for your company. The VCIO will recommend projects that will help you improve your IT infrastructure and have the most impact on your goals and your business.

Your IT Company Should Deliver Custom-Designed Services For Your Company

Managed services are not one-size-fits-all, and every company’s needs are different. Your IT company should carry out an extensive analysis of your IT infrastructure and design customized services for your company.

Is Your IT Support Company in Denver Offering You Value For Your Money?

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