4 Questions To Help You Find A Local And Responsive IT Company

Before hiring an IT company, you should ask the right questions to determine how and where they operate. 

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4 Questions To Help You Find A Local And Responsive IT Company

Your business is unique, and you shouldn’t settle for a one-size-fits-all approach.

Remote and nationally operating IT support providers implement generalized solutions because it’s easy. They don’t know (or even care to know) that you require more customized solutions to grow your business. With a local IT company that can meet with you to learn about your operations and goals, you’ll receive the personalized attention you deserve.

That’s why, before hiring an IT company, you should ask the right questions to determine how and where they operate.

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4 Questions To Ask Your Next Potential IT Company

  • What Are Your Long-Term Plans? The bottom line is that you’ll want to know whether this company is looking to sell or merge sometime soon. The last thing you want to do is get onboarded and set up with one team, only to have them replaced by another. After all, if the owners are seriously searching for a buyer, how dedicated will they be to you and your needs?
  • Where Will I Get My Support From? This is a key factor in your quality of service. You could hire a remote IT provider – they’re cheap, simple, and common in North America. But what happens when a disaster occurs, and you need a technician fast?  Without a local IT company that is readily on hand to visit your site, and who really cares about your business, your IT needs will go unattended. This will end up hurting your bottom line. One of the biggest complaints we hear from our new clients is that the remote IT company took too long to respond to requests for service. This includes the time they took to answer phone calls and ticket requests online, as well as the time it took to resolve their problems.
  • Are Your IT Personnel Staff Members Or Contractors? The fact is that an IT company that directly manages and trains its own staff members will likely offer a higher quality of service. However, it’s more expensive for them to do so, which is why larger, nationally active IT companies will simply outsource the work.  Outsourced technicians are typically from another company that controls a specific service you’re using or needing. Contract technicians are usually local individuals who do service your area and can be with another firm.
  • Do You Outsource Any Of Your IT Services? Similar to the last question, you’ll want to know if the IT company you’re hiring will be making use of any third party services. This could affect your “chain of support” as your IT company won’t be able to directly address the status of a service or project that they’ve outsourced to another company,

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t just choose any IT company – grill them, size them up, and take the time to figure out if they can actually deliver what you need. Make sure to seek out case studies, testimonials, referrals, and Google Reviews to ensure they’re delivering what they promise.

Otherwise, it won’t be long until you’re looking for another IT company.