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Initial.IT Provides Microsoft Office Support For Denver Organizations

The Microsoft Office platform can help integrate every aspect of your business, but the transition of moving all aspects of your work to Microsoft products can take some getting used to. As industries are constantly adjusting to the new demands of functioning through a pandemic, workers are being tasked with mastering new tools overnight. Microsoft Office Support in Denver can help you to keep your business running and efficient in the face of whatever challenges come your way.

Microsoft Office Support In Denver

The Benefits of the Microsoft Platform

Microsoft has a lot more to offer than just word processing programs and spreadsheets. While those most office essential platforms may have helped to shape what Microsoft is known for, the Microsoft Office platform has a lot more to it than just that. With the sudden shift to digital dependency that occurred in the Spring of 2020 amidst the covid-19 pandemic, many companies found themselves immediately needing new and innovative ways to make collaboration happen while everyone stayed home, and those who already had the Microsoft Office platform up and running for their employees had the tools already in place to make the transition happen.

Microsoft Office operates on a cloud-based platform that allows employees to collaborate with one another while introducing effective tools that help to make everyone’s jobs just a bit easier. Whether there is a need to collaborate through a live video session, to train new employees, to work on documents that can be easily stored in a shared yet secure location, or simply to ensure that everyone has access to the files they need so they can continue working from home, Microsoft Office can help make it happen.

Here are a few of the most useful tools that your business may benefit from on the Microsoft platform:

  • Microsoft Teams: A favorite for schools and training platforms, Microsoft Teams provides an easy way to bring people together and seamlessly share anything from documents to quick ideas in a secure place. In the midst of this digital transformation, Microsoft Teams has largely become the conference room replacement, even making it possible to have video chats between team members.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: A cornerstone of the Microsoft platform is OneDrive, the cloud storage program. This makes it easy to save files in a secure place where only those who have been granted access to particular folders can open and edit files. This is a great collaboration tool and an optimal way to free up space on your internal server and employee computers.
  • Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint and Excel, are even more helpful than ever before with the online platform, allowing multiple people to view and edit documents in real time. This means that co-workers can collaborate on a presentation regardless of whether they live on separate sides of town, or even on separate sides of the country.

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Simply providing your employees with access to this suite of tools may not be enough to ensure that they are making the most of these resources. Microsoft Office IT support in Denver can help train your employees and help them see the benefits of streamlining their efforts with these tools. Microsoft products are incredibly user friendly, but a little bit of IT support in Denver can make a huge difference in helping your workforce to feel secure and competent with these resources. Whether you are looking to aid your business with digital transformation or find a way to more effectively get your employees to collaborate on projects, the Microsoft Office programs can help, and strong IT support in Denver can help to make sure your business sees the biggest benefit from their use.