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Microsoft 365 Support In Denver: Cloud Tools for Collaboration

You know that using cloud resources is the way companies are keeping up with changing times. Maybe you’ve heard that cloud services help companies quickly and easily set up tools to assist employees in working remotely. A recent study by IDG Marketing found that 81 percent of the companies surveyed say that while they may not have their business fully integrated, they use at least some cloud applications. Indeed, integrating almost every aspect of your business is possible with Microsoft 365 support in Denver. And by using the cloud to integrate your business, you’ll increase speed, agility, and have scaleable alternatives.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it to transition your business to the Microsoft platform, consider the following ways Microsoft 365 support in Denver can help integrate productivity, collaboration, and storage tools, to optimize your business with information technology.

Microsoft 365 Support In Denver

Automatically Updated Productivity Apps With Microsoft 365 Support in Denver

One of the first things businesses discover about Microsoft 365 is that all their favorite Microsoft Office products, including Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, are available. In fact, your company may already have Office 365 available to employees. But without training, they may not understand how to harness the full extent of its power.

The best Microsoft 365 support in Denver will offer training for both management and team members so your company can take full advantage of the productivity, collaboration, storage tools, and more available in your cloud network.

For example, your team can use Microsoft’s productivity tools in real-time collaboration with multiple users, whether they’re developing white papers and other company assets in Microsoft Word, working on a departmental budget in Excel, or putting together a PowerPoint presentation. The whole team can view and edit documents more efficiently than they would even if they were working face to face.

What’s more, having these programs available in the cloud means that you can work in the office, from home, or anywhere else in real-time.

Microsoft 365 Support and Productivity on Your Denver Business: One Drive

Your employees may already work individually in One-Drive if you already use some of Microsoft 365’s options. This cloud-based storage space can hold both private and shared documents and files. Some of the most significant advantages to One-Drive include:

  • Saving space on file and data storage
  • Working together in real-time from one document
  • Accessing information and files from anywhere with a browser or app
  • Making files shareable individually via a link
  • Ability to set editing permissions on a document
  • Automatic updates

Picture this—the company’s marketing assets, sales data, and customer service information are all stored on one-drive. The marketing manager wants to gather a team from each of those three departments to create a presentation for a new client. The manager can select individuals to work together in real-time by sending an editable link to a shared document. And as they make changes, everything updates automatically.

Microsoft One-Drive streamlines the whole process of collaboration, with consistent access to customer data, sales stats, and marketing materials available to everyone, anywhere, at any time. Of course, the process works best with training and a set of best practices so that working together is efficient and productive.

Team Meetings from Anywhere

Microsoft Teams is the way to integrate all those productivity tools into a company meeting. This chat-based workflow adds another collaborative layer to working on a document in real-time, with free-flowing communication. Teamwork, One-Drive, and familiar programs such as Word, PowerPoint, and Excel all seamlessly integrate into Microsoft Teams, making the need for a physical workspace obsolete. Of course, you can use these excellent tools in-office as well to bring your remote and office staff together.

With Microsoft Teams, you can easily collaborate with meet, chat, and calling options all in one place, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have an internet connection. Managers can select a group of people and create a team for a specific project, and add assets, content, and tools based on what they need to complete the work. All they have to do is create a team name, and add members. And with easy dashboard access, team members are easy to find, add, and delete.

Additionally, Microsoft Teams allows you to set up individual channels on specific topics where you can have real-time discussions and share files that go into a shared file space. There’s even a language translator in case you hire international workers.

Your company can also conduct virtual meetings in Microsoft Teams, whether you want to do staff training, hold a conference, or use video conferencing as a means for presentation for a new client.

Why Move Your Business to the Cloud?

You’ll find unlimited capacity and scalability in the cloud with on-demand services. That means flexibility to adjust your needs in real-time, which equals savings when you require less. You’ll also save money on capital outlays such as an equipment room for firewalls and gateways. Microsoft 365 does away with the need to keep anything in a physical location, and that includes data, paperwork, and employees too.

Your IT team no longer has to try to anticipate the company’s needs and build out accordingly. With Microsoft 365 support in Denver, your business can increase its capacity in real-time to accommodate needs without impacting the end-users.

Get Microsoft 365 Support in Denver and Take Care of Business

Do you want to take advantage of all the opportunities to collaborate, streamline your business, and save money on storage? Microsoft 365 support in Denver will help reduce the costs of transitioning all the different aspects of your business to the cloud, and you’ll get the training you need to make the most of this outstanding cloud technology.

Our IT professionals at Initial.IT provide specialized support, work with in-house teams to streamline your business processes, and provide training for your organization. If you want to explore the possibilities, then give us a call, or contact us online. We look forward to working with you.