Does Your IT Team Need Backup?

There’s no shame in needing a little extra help. It’s important that you realize when you need to augment your internal IT staff – selecting the right IT company will help you stay under budget and improve productivity and revenue.

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How To Give Your IT Team In Denver The Backup It Needs

You have built a successful, effective, and productive IT team, now what? Recognizing that you could use outside help to augment your team for additional resources or expertise is a true sign of leadership, and that is what you are: a business leader.

Most people in charge won’t admit that. To them, admitting they need help is a weakness. But you are not most people; you get it. You know the benefits. You have seen time and time again how outsourcing different aspects of your business (payroll, HR, recruiting, marketing) means lower costs and a better product.

Think about it for a moment: if all of the services you have outsourced were now done inhouse, how would that impact headcount, expenses, even profit?

The same is likely true of your internal IT staff. Do you think they could do with a little backup from an IT company?

Do These Internal IT Problems Sound Familiar?

For the most part, the technician you hire will only offer entry-level capabilities. That means your IT productivity will plummet, which will cost you time and money. Your in-house staff is subject to business hours, requires full salaries, benefits, and vacation pay, and will undoubtedly call in sick from time to time.

That’s why getting them help before they need it makes you the hero. Be proactive, and show your fellow team leaders how this saves money in both the short and long term. Your decision will also increase security and give you the support your company needs to take that next step forward.

Initial.IT Delivers The Extra Help Your Team Needs

Don’t lose control of your support tickets or let approved projects sit unfinished past their due date. You can take control now and the Advantage Industries team can give you that control by augmenting your internal team.

With a little extra help from our team, you will:

  • Eliminate overdue support requests for your end-users and vastly reduce day to day downtime.
  • Complete major projects more quickly and effectively.
  • Have the freedom to strategically devote your internal IT teams capabilities where they’re most needed, without overworking them.
  • Have the luxury to give your IT staff the much needed time away for vacations, emergencies, and professional development, during which Initial.IT will seamlessly handle their duties.
  • Have access to an expert technology perspective from outside your organization, advising on current trends, industry best practices, and tried and true practices from other organizations.

The effectiveness of your IT team is up to you. Will you give them the resources and support they need to succeed? Initial.IT is here to provide the extra help you need – all you have to do is ask.

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