IT Services For Law Firms, Accountants & Professional Services

initial.IT provides IT services and IT support for law firms, accounting firms and other business professionals.

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IT Services For Law Firms, Accountants & Professional Services

Creative Technology Solutions with IT Services Design and Support from initial.IT

  • Are you increasingly dependent on technology? 
  • Do you get frustrated wasting valuable work time trying to keep up with technological advances?
  • How do you handle it when your technology doesn’t work properly? 

As a professional firm like a law firm, insurance company, or financial services organization, you are patently aware that access to information is vital to the success of your business. Technology infrastructure works quite the same way and the team at initial.IT is ready to create customized IT solutions to allow your employees to get more done in less time. We believe that your technology should work for you, not against you so you can focus on providing the best services to your clients.

IT Services for Law Firms and Accountants in Denver

Initial.IT’s IT Services for Professional Services

Every business is a little different but one common goal is continued operation without interruption. To reach that goal it is important to find an IT managed services firm that understands the unique challenges of your business and can adapt as technology evolves. We work with a variety of professional services organizations. 

Our experience in each of these industries coupled with our deep understanding of technology allows us to craft technology solutions to increase productivity and decrease time spent searching for answers. This sampling of the services included in our fixed-fee subscription packages will help you understand how initial.IT can help improve productivity throughout your professional services business: 

  • Design and implementation of support for local and remote users
  • Guidance from trained service personnel and technicians
  • Comprehensive IT budgeting assistance tailored to professional services like law firms
  • Cloud-based storage applications, including backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Secure access to remote files 
  • Secure, reliable support for network operations and WiFi networks
  • Traditional IT Helpdesk support

Accounting and Law Firm IT Services

3 Ways That Professional Services Benefit from initial.IT IT Services

Make technology work for you, not against you. Get work done promptly without letting technology slow you down. This is how the initial.IT services team helps. After our preliminary consultation, we identify issues that you’re having with your network, Helpdesk support, and IT services so we can attack problems using our three-step process to improve your productivity and operational efficiency. 


Where do you currently get IT support? Does it come from an outside source or do you have an internal IT source? At Initial.IT, we examine your current setup and find ways to improve things like security and workflow. By seeing your current IT setup in progress, we can design a system to maximize your productivity. 

  • Outlining a plan for current and future IT budgets
  • Verifying security and compliance of your current business systems 
  • Safeguarding your technology investments and your operations 


Putting a technology design in place requires several moving parts, from the implementation of design to training of staff members on how to use new and improved technology. Our experienced staff of technical professionals has over ten years of experience building technology solutions that fit your business model. We vow to deliver solutions for your business.

  • Explaining the technology components and delivering on-time products
  • Minding your technology investments by using smart strategies
  • Ensuring staff members are confident with technology through ample training


We remain involved in the process of improving your digital business by working together with a wide range of solutions providers, internal staff and external vendors. Relationships are important to initial.IT and this is where you will see how our personal touch sets us apart while our technical and business professionals guide your employees through upgrades and changes. 

  • Straightforward methods of communication spanning various vendors and partners
  • Continuous dialogue to allow for adjustment of resources as necessary
  • Creating and maintaining meaningful relationships with vendors so you receive favorable pricing

Contact Initial.IT for IT Services for Your Professional Services Firm

After a conversation with our technology and service professionals, it will become evident that the initial.IT team is a unique managed services provider. Our goal is to become a true partner in providing IT services for your professional services business, standing by your side through digital process improvement, security challenges, and upgrades. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.