Unhappy With Your Denver IT Company?

Are you unhappy with your current Denver IT company? initial.IT is here to help make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your IT services team.

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Are You Unhappy With Your Denver IT Company? It’s Time You Switch to a Better Service

Are you frustrated with your current IT company? With the ever-evolving technology changes, more small and medium companies turn to outsourced IT solutions to keep up. Outsourced IT solutions offer businesses many benefits and help them remain competitive and relevant in their respective markets.

Most companies decide to remain in partnerships with IT companies that don’t provide them with adequate IT support since they assume that they won’t get better services elsewhere.

Your IT support company plays a critical role in ensuring that your systems are updated, and your business operations continue running smoothly. If they do not guarantee this efficiency, then it’s time to switch to another IT service provider.

Unhappy With Your Denver IT Company?

Signs That You Need to Change Your IT Support Provider

Many companies find themselves unhappy with the services provided by their IT company. You may also find yourself in such a situation due to the following reasons:

  • The IT Support Provider Is Unable to Meet the IT Needs of Your Business: As your business expands, so do your IT needs. If your IT support is unable to match your new IT needs due to inadequate resources or lack of expertise, then it’s ideal to consult a different firm.
  • You Wait Too Long for Help: Every minute you and your employees are not working, translates in loss of revenue. If your IT company isn’t promptly responding to you, then you need to switch suppliers.
  • Your Company Adds Hidden Fees on Your Bills: Are you continually finding additional charges on your monthly bill that are always attributed to system upgrades you are unaware of?  This is a sign that your IT company isn’t effectively communicating with you.
  • You Have Been Experiencing the Same Technical Glitches With No Long-Term Solution in Sight: You find yourself continually contacting your service provider to come and fix technical glitches that you’re not supposed to be experiencing. And even if they fix these hitches, the solutions do not last.
  • You Are Doing Most of the Work: Instead of your IT support providing remote or on-site support, it’s your employees who take up responsibility when you experience a technical glitch. Some of these issues may be sorted out by forwarding your complaints and amending your IT company’s contract. However, switching IT companies is the ultimate solution to your dissatisfaction.  What About Your Existing Contract? Before switching IT companies, it is essential to consider your existing contract with your current IT company. Is this a convenient time for you to transfer? Though a long-lasting relationship with your IT support provider may be beneficial, signing long-term contracts can be very restrictive.
  • Finding a New IT Company: The first step in switching IT companies is finding a new IT company that will meet your company’s IT needs adequately.

Here are some crucial questions to ask IT companies in your assessment process:

  • Do You Understand How Our Company Operates? Any IT company can offer your business temporary IT solutions; however, if you plan on working with them long-term, they should understand your company inside-out.
  • Will Someone Be Always Available to Help When I Need Them? Be it a dedicated phone line or a prompt response guarantee, when you experience a glitch, will there be someone to answer you when you call?
  • What Makes Them Stand Out? With most IT companies almost offering the same services, what makes this specific company stand out?

How Can You Ensure a Smooth Transitioning Process

Transitioning to a new IT company may seem like a daunting task for many companies. However, it doesn’t have to be such a hassle.

Once you’ve hired a new IT company whose answers you’re satisfied with, transitioning to your new IT company is the next big step. To ensure a smooth transition, follow the following steps:

Get Full Control of Your Networks

When you outsource IT support, your company becomes highly dependent on your IT company. This is because you give them high levels of jurisdiction over your entire network. As a result, most of your data is stored on their computers. The first step in transitioning is ensuring you gain full control over all your networks and files.

If your current IT company is against your move, they may try to hold your data ransom by changing your passwords or locking you out of your system. Once you have full control of your networks and transition to a new IT support company, change your passwords to prevent your previous IT company from accessing your systems.

Acquire Full IT Documentation of Your Company

Request your IT company to give you administrative access to all your IT documentation when switching IT support companies. This documentation will include a list of log-in accounts, usernames, passwords, network maps, original software disks, software, and hardware inventories.

Hand over this documentation to your new IT company. This handover will help them understand your current IT situation, identify challenges you face, and come up with permanent solutions. The process may be simplified by asking your current IT support company to work together with the new one. This collaboration will enable your new team to understand how your systems work. However, your current IT company may charge you.

Get Access to All Copies of Your Data Backups

Having a data backup system is essential, especially as you move your files from your previous IT company to your new one while transitioning. This will give you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about losing your data.

If your previous IT companies backed up everything, you should ensure that they give you all the copies of the backed up files. Having all your data backups will prevent your previous IT company from having access to your data.

Have Your New IT Company Conduct an Extensive Security Assessment on Your Systems

Your new IT company should carry out an extensive cybersecurity assessment of your systems. This will help identify areas of risk, system vulnerabilities, and permanent security solutions.

Give Your Current IT Support Provider Notice

Once you have successfully transitioned and your new IT support company is in place, inform your current IT company that you are planning to terminate your contract with them.

Inform Your Employees of the Change in IT Service Providers

Once you’ve fully transitioned into your new IT company, ensure that you inform your staff about the change in IT support providers, and how they make use of the new service.

Switching IT companies may be such a hassle, but moving to a more reliable IT company is worth it.

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