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Initial.IT works with internal IT departments and IT consultants throughout Denver offering expertise and skills to complement their roles.

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How Co-Managed IT Services Aid Internal IT Teams Throughout Denver

If your business is running low on resources and lacking in human resources, you might want to consider outsourcing some of your IT efforts. Initial.IT can help your internal IT team overcome increased workload problems when you are working with limited resources. Throughout Denver, organizations are asking for IT help to focus their efforts on their business.

Why Outsource Some Of Your IT Needs?

Finding quality talent has never been as challenging as it is right now. Our team can help you with your IT needs, saving you the hassle of trying to recruit talent, only to see them turn around and leave for a better offer.

Even if you have an in-house IT person or IT department, our team can still help take some of the burdens off of that team. Co-managed IT services have been designed to support in-house IT teams to help overcome a wide variety of challenges.

Maybe you can’t find the right full-time person. Whether you have no IT employees, you have a few and need more help, Initial.IT can help fill the void in your IT team. Co-managed IT services might be the perfect fit for your company, allowing you to keep some of the efforts in-house, but outsource some of them and get the help you need.

How Our Team Can Help

We offer a lot of IT services. Our team has seen and done everything from helping you with immediate IT needs to plan future resources. Here are just some of the ways we can help you with your IT needs:

  • Cybersecurity expertise – let our team help you prevent cyber attacks
  • Help desk services – outsource your team’s IT needs, so we can help you mitigate emergent IT issues
  • IT advisory services – we can provide counsel on your future IT upgrades
  • Cloud services – how much data should you store in the cloud versus on a hard drive?
  • Microsoft product support – we can make sure your Microsoft products are always up to date.
  • IT projects – what should you be focusing on to improve your infrastructure?

IT can be intense, from a Help Desk crisis to planning software upgrades for your entire company, Initial.IT can just be around to take the burden off of your taxed IT team. Think of us as teammates, and we can help you take your business to the next level.

Will Hiring Us Make Your IT Department Obsolete?

It’s natural to wonder if hiring outside IT help will cost your current IT team their jobs. Just because we are here to help you does not mean that your current IT department becomes obsolete or unnecessary.

We will not only work with you to serve your IT needs, but we will also work hand in hand with your IT department. In working with us, your IT department will get access to all of the tools and services we have. Furthermore, we will make it easier to take care of your entire staff and all of their technological needs.

Our team has no issues hanging out in the background behind the scenes while your existing IT staff gets the credit. We are here to help you, not be a burden or a threat to your team. We can be a resource for your IT team, as they can call us with questions and ask for help if they are taking on a particularly overwhelming project.

Disaster Recovery And Cyber Attacks

One option is to let your existing IT team take on all the day-to-day IT needs of your business. Many companies do not have time to spend preventing cyber-attacks and creating recovery plans in the event of a natural disaster or a cyber attack.

Our team can handle that for you. Did you know that many small businesses that are victimized by a cybersecurity attack never recover? The expenses of recovery and the loss of data often doom small companies. Our team can put processes in place that make it very difficult for your business to be attacked. And, we can run simulations that will predict an attack, so we can work with your IT team on how to recover data in the event of a worst-case scenario.

Think of these simulations like car insurance. You might not ever need them, but if you wreck your car or hacked systems, you will be glad you invested in them as they will save you time and money during a crisis. A good simulation will help you plan exactly how to react should your systems be breached or wiped offline for any reason.

We Can Take The Lead

There is no set amount of services we need to offer. We can provide your company everything, or we can provide a small a la carte package. While we would never get in the way of your existing IT department, if you want us to lead the way, we can.

The nice thing is, we can also change our services whenever you need. Maybe you are having an especially difficult time hiring good talent and need our help to get through a time of increased work. Then, we can back off when you hire the right talent. Or, maybe you would want to downsize your full-time employees and outsource more work. During our free consultation, we will explain every IT service we offer, and you can decide which ones you need. Then, later on, you can revisit and change your plan at any time.

Co-Managed IT Services In Denver By Initial.IT

The team at Initial.IT will happily provide you with a no-obligation consultation and explain all the ways we can help your Denver organization overcome traditional IT challenges. Reach out and contact us today to talk about resource challenges or how to handle increased workloads, even if you don’t exactly have the right amount of people power. We can offer you a unique IT approach to help alleviate your IT concerns!